GemX for X-Chat 2.0.x


Preamble: If you don't know what IRC is please read a common introduction to IRC first: Introducing IRC

GemX is a "true" script for the multi-platform IRC-client X-Chat.
"True" means, it doesn't ship with the client itself, but installs as an add-on to the existing X-Chat IRC-client. This means you can update GemX and X-Chat independently.

Some features of GemX resp. X-Chat at a glance:
- multiuser-compliant (Own configuration for every user of the PC)
- Dark themed (Bright font on dark background)
- Available on Windows and Linux
- Automatic and safe identification to NickServ
- Recognizes nickchanges of offline-users (e.g. when user  "Marcus23" leaves the chat and returns as "Irene19").
- Complete CTCP-sound support
- WinAmp/XMMS-control and manual announcment of played title
- Aliases (Correcting common typographic errors and replacement of e.g. _desc by your description)
- Automatic opening of recieved pictures in your viewer
- Invoking/Storing of informationen about other chatters, also directly from the dialog-window
- Invoking of saved pictures of other chatters, also directly from the dialog-window
- Aktice and passive DCC SEND, makes DCC-SEND possible through firewalls, NAT, routers
- Actions in English and German available
- Output sent to the net possible in multiple languages, dependent on the current channel/dialog