GemX for X-Chat 2.x

System requisites

To be able to use GemX your system must meet or exceed the following requisites:

(Read the row that correspondends to your operating system toegther with the first row. Clicking a link inside the table takes you to the download page of the corresponding program.

Windows and derivates *ix
NT 4.0
2000/XP/2003/Vista ReactOS Linux *BSD
IBM OS/2  / eComStation
Support status:

XChat available? yes yes
no yes
yes yes
yes, X-Chat 1.6.1
Supported by GemX?
no2 yes

Required Perl interpreter
ActivePerl 5.8.8 ActivePerl 5.8.8 Perl 5.8
Perl 5.8
not supported
Required version of XChat
2.8.0-2.8.5d >=2.8.0 >=2.8.0
 X-Chat Aqua >0.16 
Supported MP3 player WinAmp 5.x-5.35 WinAmp 5.x-5.33
WinAmp 5.x XMMS none iTunes ./.
Current GemX-Version
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
./. ./.

XChat  2.8.5d is the last version to support Windows 95/98/98SE/ME
The GemX2-Installer for Windows 9x won't be updated anymore as soon as further versions of GemX require a higher version of XChat
2 GemX should run on ReactOS, as soon as the requirements for ActivePerl and X-Chat are met by ReactOS.
The Linux version of the script also works on Apple MacOS/X. Implementing MacOS/X specific functions is delayed however, as I don't have access to an Apple system for development/testing.
The current version of xchat-aqua, 0.16, is behind the Xchat version required by GemX (Xchat 2.8.0). A MacOSX version of Xchat  running in the Xserver should work however.
GemX is developed under the most current official Windows version of X-Chat (Shareware since version 2.4.0).
It should also work in one of the unofficial builds (Freeware) however.
5 GemX could run on OS/2 | eCS instantly if someone would port the required X-Chat 2.8.0 or higher without forgetting the Perl support.