GemX for X-Chat 2.0.x

Installation Step-By-Step


1. Check if you already got ActivePerl 5.8 installed on your system (Control Panel -> Software). If so, continue with step 3.
2. Download the current version of ActivePerl 5.8 from this site: Activestate ActivePerl Download Page and installier it. (Left-click on the link saying "MSI" to the side of the latest version of Perl -> [Save]. After completion of the transfers click on [Open] .)
Download as well as the installation of ActivePerl take some time. Please be patient. You only need to download and install ActivePerl once and can, in order to update X-Chat or GemX, start at step 3.
3. Check if you already got the current gtk+ runtime library installed on your system (Control Panel -> Software). If so, continue with step 3a. Else download and install it from the XChat download link posted in step 3a. This step can be ommited if you want to use the official version (Download links on the Pre-Requisites page of  this site).
3a. Check if you already got XChat >= 2.8.0 installed (Control Panel -> Software). If so, continue with step 5.
4. Download the current version of XChat >=2.8.0 and install it with its default settings. For download links, refer to the page "Prerequisites".
5. Exit XChat 2.8.0 in case it's running.
6. Download the current version of GemX: GemX for Windows  and install it.
Please note: When you have used XChat 2.x or even GemX for XChat 2.x before, do not install the "Enhanced default serverlist".
Install this on a first-time installtion only, or if you are missing servers in your list. After installing the "Enhanced default serverlist" you need to re-configure to which server X-Chat should connect on start, as well as any non-global settings, like special nicknames in certain networks.
6. Start XChat 2.x

Note: Although XChat is comparably safe, especially compared to mIRC, it cannot be assured that problems exist in current versions of XChat, that are fixed in later versions.
You should therefore re-check regulary, approx. once per month, if a newer version is available and install it if necessary as described from in step 4.

Second note: I continously work on GemX to correct bugs and implement new features.
New versions are automatically uploaded to this server, sometimes multiple times a day. It is therefore recommended to update GemX oftenly. Your settings are preserved. Proceed as described from step 5 onwards.

Third note: Chatting using a Chat-client, regardless of which one, exposes you to the risk of getting virii and trojans sent.
This is independent of XChat and GemX, it also applies to users of BitchX, OpenChat, Xircon, Pirch, mIRC,...
You should therefore install a resident virus scanner, that means one that permanently scans for virii on file creation/opening and not only when running a manual/scheduled scan of your system. This note applies in general to all machines running Windows, regardless of the use of Chat-clients.
Be cautious. There is absolutely no reason to embed pictures in a Word-Document for sending it to others, except the sender is intending to spread macro-virii. Never open files that have double extensions (e.g. .txt.shs)!


For Linux download the ZIP-archive containing the script files and add them to your system manually (Read INSTALL.TXT):
*ix Version Mirror 1

Start XChat 2.x